Zheng Tang

CSCE 656 - Computers and New Media

Department of Electical & Computer Engineering

Email: tangzheng@tamu.edu

Spring 2018 | Texas A&M University

Howdy! I'm a graduate student from Computer Engineering and here are some reasons about why I choose this course:

1. I show a great interest to the new media and want to see what impact it will have to our daily life and how it changes the world

2. I wanna konw how the computer combines with the new media and the history of this kind of new techology

3. I hope all the knowledge I learn from this course could let me view the world with a new perspective

I list some media I use frequently:

1. I use Youtube most, almost every hour. Specifically I like to watching Youtube live stream and I have subscribed many famous Youtube channles

2. I listen to music through Spotify and I am also a big fan for Ed sheeran and watch a lot of his MV

3. Social Networks: Twitter, WeChat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vlog

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